Gail Fowler & Alan Rogers, Innkeepers

gailandalanIf you’re lucky enough to live near the water, you’re lucky enough, so the saying goes, and we are invested in sharing some of that good fortune with our guests.

Almost-life-long residents of New Jersey, we can’t imagine not living near the shore. The coastline has been our lifeline — an antidote to our 35-year corporate careers in Marketing and Communications. Opening a bed-and-breakfast in Belhaven is a dream we have nurtured for more than a decade.

Just as our vision for Between Water & Main has been shaped by our bed-and-breakfast stays in seven different countries, we expect that we will learn as much from our guests as we have from the innkeepers we have met over the years. While Between Water & Main reflects many of our positive experiences as “guests,” we’ve also blended in our own passions – Gail’s yoga studio and Alan’s Wine Time. We expect that our vision for Between Water & Main will continue to be shaped and perfected with each passing guest.

We hope you will choose to make us part of your journey. Or your story. Once you see the sunset on our beautiful harbor, you may decide – like us — to make Belhaven your permanent address.