Belhaven BnB NC-40

We are proud to offer North Carolina’s very own Whispering Willow all-natural bath and spa products for sale at our inn: Lemongrass shampoo, soaps, and body oil; lavender-filled eye pillows; and rose, lavender and lemongrass bath salts.

Did you notice our artichoke finials on your way in? The artichoke is a symbol of peace in some countries, and in Victorian times, it signified “hope for a prosperous future.” With a tender heart at its core, artichokes were often found carved on beds. We like this symbolism so much that we have incorporated the artichoke into our logo. Carolyn Sleeper of Slatestone Gallery in nearby Washington, N.C., specially designed artichoke mugs and coasters just for us. We are proud to offer these for sale at our inn as a remembrance of your visit.

Forgot your yoga mat? Borrow one of ours or choose from our brightly colored selection for purchase.